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Welcome To Izakaya KU

Our restaurant takes its name from the kanji character 食"eat," and sets up our new beginning as an Izakaya style restaurant in America. The Origins of an Izakaya dates back to the Edo period and started as a place where they sold alcohol by the weight and through time as a service served alcohol and small snacks on the spot making it a new interesting style of dinning.

Typically, izakayas have very expansive menus composed of small dishes prepared with the full range of techniques used in the Japanese kitchen: grilled, fried, raw, stewed, and boiled. Like going to a diner with a 10-page menu, the trick for the Izakaya eater is to find the areas where the chefs shine. Our menu narrows down the selection to a more manageable size and price', and differs by offering many traditional dishes, and several hot pot, or "nabe" dishes on the menu.

Please enjoy your experience with us tonight at Izakaya KU

18120 Brookhurst St. #25, #27, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Tel: 714-963-3484 Email: info@izakaya-ku.com

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